Elite Doctors.
Exceptional Care.

Guided by a holistic philosophy and unrivaled standards, South Bay Partners in Premier Health Care is a community-wide partnership comprised of the most distinguished team of physicians in the South Bay. Our approach is personal, and our focus is always on your health.

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We Are Partners in Premier Health Care

At Partners in Premier Health Care, we believe we can accomplish more by working together than we ever could apart.

That’s why we’ve formed an alliance of values-driven professionals from the most exceptional, private practices in the South Bay. While each of our physicians is a top specialist in his or her own field, our greatest strength lies in collaboration. Translation? When you see one of us, you’re seeing all of us. Insightful, supportive, and genuinely friendly, our staff sets the bar high for how we treat our patients. Because when you’re in good company, your health is in good hands.


Born from a holistic philosophy, our goal is to create an unrivaled community-wide partnership of health and wellness practitioners that deliver a personalized, elite level of experience to the South Bay community for all of their health care needs.

Dr. Ashley Magovern
Dr. Ashley MagovernDermatology
As a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Magovern knows that healthy skin is the foundation of lifelong beauty. Her passion for comprehensive skincare fuels her practice.
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Dr. Mark Rayman
Dr. Mark RaymanInterventional Radiology
With world-class training, state-of-the-art technology and over 20 years of experience, Dr. Rayman goes to great lengths to ensure his patients’ comfort and outstanding cosmetic results.
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Dr. Keith Marcus
Dr. Keith MarcusFacial Plastic Surgery
Dr. Marcus treats the face as an important part of the whole you, and carefully crafts a personalized treatment plan that incorporates your lifestyle, health and aesthetic goals.
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Dr. Michael Fulbright
Dr. Michael FulbrightCosmetic Dentistry
His ongoing training and focus on cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry has made Dr. Fulbright’s name synonymous with beautiful smiles in Southern California.
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Dr. Elena Rodriguez
Dr. Elena RodriguezObstetrics and Gynecology
As the only Robotics fellowship trained surgeon in the South Bay, Dr. Rodriguez brings cutting-edge technology and a professional approach to each patient she treats.
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Our patients receive a consistent experience in every office and with every interaction. From the moment a person walks into any of our facilities, they feel the difference. Our partners and their staff share the same passion and service principles so each interaction feels rewarding. Our patients know they are receiving superior service at every touch point. Delivering a personalized, collaborative experience, our practitioners take a synergistic, team approach to their health care needs for a unique continuity not found anywhere else.